Is there a Diamond Ring in the Mediterranean for Me?

Multiple carats thrown over-board by an heiress on a cruise, who found her hubby on the upperĀ deck with a waitress?
Or maybe it was just one Bacardi too many and it slipped from her slim finger as she staggered and caught herself on the rail of the ship–
What a pity!
But the insurance,
and all the other jewels!
She’ll have something else glittering on her finger by the time she’s sobered up, so it’s not really a loss.

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(It’s) the Wandering

At some point,
Romance Ends.
It just does.

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This is Cardinal

Change your life and situation,
What a promise!
The change, is it only perspective?
Or is it physical?

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Ice crystal morning chill,
so many black crows are in the trees,
my coffee is hot,
my stomach still hollow,
my bed is gone,
I can’t lay back down,
and my husband will never love me enough.

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The Extremely Exhausting Nature of Sleep

She waited for years for something to wake her up:
“At some point in my life,” she reasoned,
as she sat beside her window
gazing out onto a dirge like world,
“Something will happen– or someone will come,
and I will be shaken awake.
All of this past life will seem but a gray shadow
in contrast to the color and reality I will then see.”

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…One Year Later

I recently wrote a poem and put it into numbered sections and I enjoyed the ease with which I could change topics, within one subject, using this device. I enjoyed it so much, in fact, that I have written a second poem with numbered sections, or stanzas, to show topic breaks/changes. Do you think this works for poetry? Or am I just lazy?
Also, equally lazy, I borrowed from a Douglas Coupland book for my last line… the topic being emotional for me, I think that made it easier.

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Darkness covered wide moist cracks in fouled concrete
Shafts of gleaming light shone down from the sun
But missed the damp, slimy broken openings
A gray worm crawled out of the stank opening
Slimy, moving slowly out and straining to the warmth
Where the light sparkled and danced.
Breathing fresh air; escaping the gloom, moving away.
More followed: an ant, a spider and a potato bug
Emerging, awakening.

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The Woes of A Moroccan Honeymoon

Two hands together slowly towards the beach they strolled,
their wedding a story just yesterday told,
fresh, still, in their hearts, promises made,
“The act” now complete that once was forbade.

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Lamentations #1

Hello Everyone,
There’s a bee in my bathroom,
a bee in my bathroom,
a bee in my bathroom,
and I am trying to brush my teeth.

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Finding Movement

Fire is movement.
Burning is action.
His eyes are full of motion, alight with flame,
and I am glowing in the dark.

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