Darkness covered wide moist cracks in fouled concrete
Shafts of gleaming light shone down from the sun
But missed the damp, slimy broken openings
A gray worm crawled out of the stank opening
Slimy, moving slowly out and straining to the warmth
Where the light sparkled and danced.
Breathing fresh air; escaping the gloom, moving away.
More followed: an ant, a spider and a potato bug
Emerging, awakening.

The sun moved.
Its rays spiraled and searched.
Finally touching deep down into the concrete crack.
He winced and blinked.
It had been so long since he had felt warmth.
Brightness increased.
“Don’t go! Don’t leave me,” he whispered, hollowly
The spider returned and beckoned to him.
He cried great pools of tears and hopelessness.
“I’m weak. I have no strength,” he said and the spider crawled away.
He lay in muck and mud.
Stuck, unable to move.
He closed his eyes and breathed his last.

When he awoke he felt as light as a feather.
He was floating, confused and afraid until he saw His eyes…..
staring deep into his soul
Searching, loving, approving and welcoming.
He looked up questioningly and the Savior showed him a picture of his baptism and told him that his name was written upon his heart. He heard his confession of faith and Jesus smiled.
He smiled. He put his arms around HIS neck knowing he was safe at last.
Aware that he was with the lover of His soul.
Enlightened that he need no longer have
Fear, worry, stress, temptation, agitation or sadness.

Together they sailed through stars, galaxies and milky ways
Till they came to pure pearly gates, then past green lawns; now over cities filled with gold,
Still soaring over blue oceans teeming with life and now over sparkling clear rivers
Till they came to a cottage on the beach – isolated – waiting and ready.
He entered in and breathed a sigh of joy.
The smell was luscious and he felt that his mom had been there.
He smelled her cooking and saw things she had owned and loved.
He was home.
The Master laid him down and bandaged his wounds.
He poured fire into his lungs and loved him as he had never known.

Now strong, he travels the galaxies
Working for the Master.
Building glorious mansions, writing new songs and learning to dance.
Occasionally he returns to earth
And sees what he never saw before
Conniving, crawling demons everywhere
Influencing, beckoning and devouring.
Now strong
He cares only to please the Master

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