Two hands together slowly towards the beach they strolled,
their wedding a story just yesterday told,
fresh, still, in their hearts, promises made,
“The act” now complete that once was forbade.

“Let’s honeymoon in Morocco, land of camels and spice!”
“I’ll go with you gladly no need to think twice.”
They found a hotel, set apart from native noise.
She wore her new lingerie with admirable poise.

They were so close to the ocean but still so far,
they decided to wander from the poolside bar.
Their hearts longed for sand and salt sea spray,
walking beach-ward, a path showed the way.

There were towels, and lounge chairs, and sun streaming down,
“If I sit here long, all my worries will drown.”
Atlantic ocean endless, blue hue,
She sighed, “All my worries were gone, when I met you.”

Suddenly with a clatter, a din that did intrude,
a smiling brown face stood over them and crooned,
“Pardon me sir, I don’t mean to be rude,
please buy from me a necklace or a flute well tuned,

“I have Fatima’s hand and the all-seeing eye,
surely something for your lady to buy!”
“No thank you, no thank you,” the newly weds cried,
“We have no money,” but he assumed that they lied.

“Come now!” he smiled and would not be budged,
“Best prices and quality to be found on the beach,
buy your lady a present, she looks like a peach.”
Still, they refused so away he trudged.

The couple shared a long glance and exhaled,
in the beauty of nature their love swelled.
Happy alone, in peace, once more to be,
but then someone came to shatter their glee.

“Hey man, don’t you think you should purchase from me,
I have good stuff and the need, to feed, a family.”
They shook their heads no, but they wished they could.
They had brought no cash, that was how things stood.

Their visions of seaside romance were not to be,
every beach vendor wished to join their party.
His head swam with frustration, he longed to escape,
“This onslaught of officious salesmen, feels like rape!”

They hurried back to the confines of the swish hotel.
If they just stayed inside all would be well.
“But darlin,” she protested, holding his hand,
“I must see the Souk! Don’t make me demand!”

When morning had come, he hailed them a cab,
“Don’t over charge me, or I’ll give you a jab!”
They were off like a blitz-streak in the night,
the ride was so harrowing, it gave them a fright.

The Souk was quite a vivid sight to behold,
full of spices; merchants; fragrance; wonders untold.
Although overwhelming, it was worth it to see.
Still, it was hard that the salesmen were so pushy.

By days end, the pair were exhausted.
“Tomorrow, let’s stay in our hotel, instead.”
She nodded, this time happy to agree.
The next day by the pool was so merry.

As night fell she said, “I have a surprise,
sparklers that spell ‘love’ to dazzle your eyes.
To the beach we must go, for this treat.
Don’t be afraid of the people we meet!”

Willingly he kissed her small hand,
and prepared himself for a walk in the sand,
“Wherever you go, I will go too,
and come what may, I will protect you.”

Down by the water, they let fireworks fly,
To commemorate their love that would never die.
Love, a light like fire, in their hearts did burn.
They were very full when they made their hotel-ward turn.

The rest of their trip was more of the same,
Forceful salesmen, sunshine, love, they were glad they came.
And the rest of their life was the same too.
It was both good and bad, they did not regret their, “I do!”

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