Fire is movement.
Burning is action.
His eyes are full of motion, alight with flame,
and I am glowing in the dark.

Water is energy.
Liquid is fluid.
His love is continuously flowing, quenching with cool,
and I am dripping in dry places.

Wind is power.
Breath is aggrandizing.
His words are billowing, lofty with warmth.
and I am fluttering in the heights.

Birth is strain.
Change is labor.
His teachings bring endless burgeoning, bursting with freshness,
and Iam newly emerging, in an enfeebled world.

Bleeding is life-affirming.
Out-pouring is joy.
His life is constant power transfer, abundant with goodness,
and I am effusing new life, in the channel of death.

Brewing is infusing.
Steeping is release.
His thoughts of me season my life, extravagant with flavor,
and I am delicious beside milk-and-water feasts.

Faith is movement.
Believing is action.
He is never resting, bustling with motion,
and I am trusting him, in a world of deceit.

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