Lamentations #1

Hello Everyone,
There’s a bee in my bathroom,
a bee in my bathroom,
a bee in my bathroom,
and I am trying to brush my teeth.

Hello Everyone,
There’s an ant in my salad,
an ant,
in my salad,
an ant in my salad!
I am trying to eat my lunch!

Hello everyone,
there’s sand in my holy water,
sand in my holy water, sand in my holy water,
and I am trying to cleanse myself.

Lamentations #2

Change all my thinking,
and my attitude too,
chant over myself things that
should be true,
Buy a raincoat
for rainy days,
find myself still lost,
in foggy haze,

Is it unfair
or is this just life?
Do other people experience
so much strife?
Standing on the shoulders of giants,
I lose my balance,
So what should I do
with my intelligence and prowess?

With my mother and a crowd,
I entered the world.
Alone I will depart,
my voice completely unheard.

I have walked a path
marked by good deeds,
and done my best to only sow good seeds.
But the times I was wrong
still haunt me now.
On rocks and weeds
I constantly break my plow.

Holy water brings me no relief.
Life is repeated bouts of grief.

Lamentations #3

Right now,
I will be.

Right now, angel choirs sing a song
so sweet,
that my heart is stirred within me.

If there is peace to be found it is this–

My sins already atoned,
and me being beckoned to from the throne.

I want to go there,
I want to go.
Throw off this old flesh!
But I am gravity bound.

Lamentations #4

There is always
Work to be done.

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