I recently wrote a poem and put it into numbered sections and I enjoyed the ease with which I could change topics, within one subject, using this device. I enjoyed it so much, in fact, that I have written a second poem with numbered sections, or stanzas, to show topic breaks/changes. Do you think this works for poetry? Or am I just lazy?
Also, equally lazy, I borrowed from a Douglas Coupland book for my last line… the topic being emotional for me, I think that made it easier.

…One Year Later

I have not found
your love for me

(but it has been there.)

It is one year later.
Yes, one year is gone.
That is where I am.

The snare is to say,
or think,
or to believe
that I have gone
“full circle”.

As if, my life
is a cycle,
like the year, itself.
Or like water,
always changing forms,
only to repeat its past life,
an eternal circle.

It is not.
I have seasons untold,
innumerably more than four
and only this one life.
I am forever
leaving days and decades behind me—
never to be touched
except in my memory,
which grows nebulous,
at points;
dim in the hinterland years.

3. Now-

I am sitting where I sat,
I am seeing what I saw
and I am singing what I sang.
The same utterance means something
for I have seen you
with the eyes of the broken
and found that you remained beautiful

4. Then-

I stood on the threshold
of a large sanctuary,
warm with wooden beams,
shivery without people,
and caught my breath
at the sight of the room, familiar,
though I’d only been there
once before.

Two deaths,
one decade.
My dad (21)
My brother (31)

“This one I wont get over,”
I whispered to myself.
I geared up to prepare,

Flowers and candles,
Pictures and music,
The final celebration,
the final valediction.

5. Now-

I am back in the House of Sanctuary,
The edifice of my dirge,
where I wailed and
didn’t want to leave my bed,
and found it strange to breathe.

The same people,
the same room.
Not full circle,
remaining or repeating.
Straight down the path allotted for my life.
One year gone.
I find, I am a tour de force.

I cast my eyes about,
looking forward,
thinking back,
I see,
I have been made whole.

These same eyes,
that once cried so bitterly,
now belong to the victorious,
because you have been with me.

Consistent as the seasons,
relentless as the cycle of
Water to Water,
Everlasting to Everlasting,
stop me,
from running in circles.

I was nowhere.
I am now here.

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