Change your life and situation,
What a promise!
The change, is it only perspective?
Or is it physical?

Absent- fear!
Present- joy!
Conscious, pure and faith brimming
and a heart up! Right?

To actualize something; earn wings;
Freedom for John or Jane Q.

Let’s envision that
this is cardinal,
a life-preserving, part of my armor; your bullet-proof vest,
giving protection,
body, soul and
don’t forget!
Spirit and a corner on Truth

Can mere man lay a path on which
Yahweh, Himself, will work?
And will walk?

Calling upon blessing,
touching the hem of the gown Healing,
in imitation of Jesus Christ.

If you care to accept and call it all
Take it up, like an emblem
for your life,
your Unter-Support,
invocation, plea, communion, litany,
petition entreaty, benediction,


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